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COVID-19 has had a profound effect on our school systems requiring all of our students and teachers to adapt to remote work. ITServe has taken action encouraging students to continue their learning by offering scholarship opportunities for those who are studying in community colleges, are from poorer families, or any other student struggling from inadequate needs in order to complete their work.

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The CSR vision of ITServe Alliance is “Empowerment local communities through Education and Training.” ITServe Alliance CSR is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of ITServe Alliannce.

ITServe Companies business leaders care about more than the financial bottom line. They adjust their business strategies to positively impact society.

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ITServe Alliance CSR is dedicated to provide a sensitive and caring environment to the needy. We help nurture their dreams and make them realize that their fate can be crafted by their own heart, their own hands and a firm resolve.

ITServe Alliance CSR are charity activities are taken place around the globe, lets contribute.

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ITServe CSR has built a platform focused on aiding entrepreneurs, startups, and
companies raise capital from anyone.

Conducting 1st CSR event this year by honoring Schaumburg Police Chief
Conducting 1st CSR event this year by honoring Schaumburg Police Chief

Thank you Chicago CSR team for conducting 1st CSR event

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Leander city Mayor invited us to his office to plan where city can utilize our services

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